Hello! I'm Dr. Capella!


I recently moved to Des Moines to join The Iowa Clinic to be part of a trusted, physician governed healthcare organization that provides high quality patient care and values a culture of compassionate, hardworking physicians who care about their patients and colleagues. I have nearly 20 years of experience as an Acute Care Surgeon, doing Trauma Surgery, Emergency General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.
Being a trauma surgeon provides daily exciting challenges; one never knows who or what is coming through the door next. Since nearly every patient is probably going through the worst day of their life, I find being their surgeon instantly gratifying.

I also have the privilege to teach medical students, surgery residents, nurses, physician extenders and other physicians. Over the years, I've developed and delivered numerous curricula and lectures and have published research in surgical education. Currently, I'm an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery with the University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine.
Finally, since 2001, I have joined numerous deployments with federal disaster response teams, including Hurricane Rita (2005), Haiti (2010) and Hurricane Maria (2017). I've also provided humanitarian aid in Zambia and Honduras. Currently, I serve on the Trauma and Critical Care Team (East), based in Boston.



Acute Care Surgeon


Attending, Acute Care Surgery


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